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Developing fruit fly nerve cord. The glial cells (black dots) and nerve cells (brown bands) in this developing fruit fly nerve cord formed normally despite the absence of the SPITZ protein, which blocks their impending suicide. The HID protein, which triggers suicide, is also lacking in this embryo. See Fig 7C' in Bergmann et al. 2002 Dev Cell 2:159-170.

Technical Details

Components were identified using antibodies to specific proteins followed by immunocytochemistry to generate brown and black colors for the nerve and middle glia respectively.

Biological Sources
NCBI Organism Classification
Drosophila melanogaster
Cell Type
glial cell
Biological Context
Biological Process
nerve development
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Image Type
recorded image
Image Mode
modes of light microscopy
Parameters Imaged
absorption of illumination
Source of Contrast
distribution of epitope
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Data Qualifiers
processed data
Sample Preparation
Relation To Intact Cell
isolated nerve cord
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