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Transmission electron micrograph of unstained cryo-section of a sperm cell of the starfish Patiria miniata. Echinoderm sperm nuclei are unusual in that chromatin fibers are clearly seen, allowing their diameter to be accurately determined. Cryosections of frozen material are typically of low contrast and show defects such as knife marks and compression. Despite these defects, individual chromatin fibers are clearly visible, some spilling out from the nucleus. A portion of a mitochondrion is seen at upper right.

Technical Details

Whole sperm from the starfish P. miniata were cryo-fixed by plunging into liquid ethane, thin cryosections prepared, and examined in the frozen hydrated state using a Philips CM12 TEM operated at 80KV. Low dose images were recorded on SO-163 film. See also: Woodcock CL 1994 Chromatin fibers observed in situ in frozen hydrated sections. Native fiber diameter is not correlated with nucleosome repeat length. J Cell Biol 125:11-9.

Biological Sources
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Patiria miniata
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Cellular Component
male germ cell nucleus
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nucleus organization
chromatin organization
Chris Woodcock
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unfixed tissue
cryofixed tissue
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microtome-sectioned tissue
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