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A single molecule TIRFM assay was employed to measure the kinase activity of purified PI3K molecules on a supported lipid bilayer by counting the number of product PIP3 molecules they produce.

Technical Details

This assay utilizes physiological concentrations class I PI3Ka, 1mM ATP, drug identified in subfolder, and saturating concentrations of fluorescently-labeled GRP-PH domain, a PIP3 product lipid binder, in order to count each product lipid produced. Enzyme rates are calculated as the slope of product lipid created vs. time. 21.5 ± 0.5°C

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Homo sapiens
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Cell polarity establishment & maitenance
Thomas Buckles
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objective based TIRFM using a modified Nikon TE-2000U (60x 1.49 N.A. TIRF objective) and illumination from a 532-nm solid-state laser with power modification by neutral-density filters